This is an archive of the band profile for NGOD.

Samuel Augustine (Lead Vocals & Guitar)
Luke Fielding (Guitar)
Lewis Dutton-Taylor (Backing Vocals & Bass)
Alex Dutton-Taylor (Backing Vocals & Drums).

Formed in late 2009, playing shows since January 2010 NGOD released their first EP entitled 'Sleep Thieves' which was recorded in late February 2010 at Peak Studios (Produced by Roni Szpakowski).

After Dave Lidstone-Green's departure in mid 2010 NGOD recorded a demo entitled 'Silent Moments Mean The Most'.

A 5 track EP named 'XL' (also Produced by Roni Szpakowski) was released online on April 19th 2011. Plans for summer include a small UK tour and a single release..