This article was published in 2011.

Tag-Team Preacher have announced that their debut five track EP 'Sell It To Me' is available this week.

The 'Sell It To Me' EP can be bought from Crash Records and Jumbo Records, as well as through online stores iTunes, reverbnation and Ditto.

The six-piece band have been crafting their songs on the local live scene for over a year now and have built up a steady following and a reputation for storytelling lyrics and energetic live shows.

The A-side on the EP is 'Sell It To Me', a song about city observations and the local music scene, as well as moments encountered by Steve Ward during his time with the band. The EP is capped off with live favourite 'You Could Forever Be Chasing The Sun', a song that has been filmed for Yorkshire Telly and performed on BBC Introducing and the Foxes & Convicts podcasts.

As well as this EP, which was recorded by the band themselves, Tag-Team Preacher have announced that they will be releasing a second EP towards the end of the year with Albert Ross. This EP is intending to showcase the other side of TTP and will include string arrangements, piano, mandolins, banjos and layered harmonies.