This is an archive of the band profile for Sloth Hammer.

Luke - Toys, noise & rhythms
Paul - Bass, rumbles & noise

LUKE circuit bends dolls and games and speak n spells and keyboards and toys and alien figures and makes them make noises they shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't make ordinarily.

PAUL plays bass, has done many bands and projects in past years, some you may even know, he plays death and black and grind and tech and doom and sludge and prog and horror and hate and misanthropy and harsh discordance.

Together they make SLOTH HAMMER. They improvise and jam and scare and enthrall and hypnotise and harm and stab and hack and bash and crash and crunch and stick things in your eyes and hit you with planks of wood and mash you into the stinking horrible mush that you deserve to be..