This is an archive of the band profile for The Reeds.

Cameron Taylor - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica
Antony 'Tony' Shaw - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Danny Lewis - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Georges Delajoux - Percussion

The Reeds are a blues and rock and roll group made up of four students living in Leeds.

The band began in winter 2010 and has played gigs at several venues in the West Yorkshire area such as; The Smokestack, Milo, Sandininsta, The Verve, The Northern Monkey, Dry Dock, Leeds Met SU, Royal Park Cellars, Carpe Diem and The Cardigan Arms.

The band take great influence from the blues and rockiblilly movements of the 50s, the British invasion bands of the 60s and everything in between.

The band started with Cameron and Tony, who met at university and quickly established a tight guitar partnership after learning they shared a passion for rhthym and blues. Whilst playing open mic nights around Leeds they stumbled upon a bass player and drummer seeking a new band, with Daniel Prothero on bass guitar and Marty Delaney on drums the band played extensively around the Leeds area building up a reputation as one of the finest up and coming blues acts in the city.

In summer 2011, Marty and Daniel left paving the way for local Leeds lad Daniel Lewis to take over on bass guitar and Parisian drummer Georges Delajoux to complete the line up on drums..