This article was published in 2011.

From Monday 22nd August, Asda Pudsey will begin a three month trial of local music in store with West Yorkshire music hub, Limetree Promotions.

Limetree are supplying five of their best artists CDs to the store so customers can sample the local music scene. Artists include up-tempo The Clifford Village Band, soulful Chunky Butt Funky, experimental Love Of The Brave, acoustic singer songwriter Jasmine Kennedy and music arranging and producing Anthony David Jenson.

Sean Birdsall, director of Limetree said, "With our community approach to music it made sense to partner with Asda so we can showcase the talents of local performers and musicians to Asda customers who might not get the opportunity to hear music from emerging local artists. It's all about supporting your local music scene and why not do that while you do the weekly shop?"

Shoppers can expect to have their ears treated to some impromptu performances in store over the coming weeks.

Asda Pudsey Store manager Simon Gowler said, "It's great to see some top quality local musicians in the store to not only brighten up the shopping experience, but offer support to the local community and the many talented people that contribute to it. We're all very excited here at the store to help out the local music scene."

The CDs are available to buy from the Music, Video and Games section from Monday 22nd August in Asda Pudsey and whether you're already a supporter of the bands or they are unknown, you'll be getting some of the best local music for your money.