This is an archive of the band profile for Candessence.

Candessence is a hot new band based in Leeds with some of the most versatile musicians in the North! Starting life in the mind of Trombone player (and the band's main songwriter) Chris Colbran, Candessence quickly formed into four core members thanks to the aid and talents of Sax player Sam Houghton, Keys player Greg Kaighin and Stewart Searle. With writing taking place the rest of the band were brought in. With its roots starting in Funk and Soul, Candessence bring elements of all genres to the table, giving them a flavor for everyone to enjoy. Comprising of 10 members, Candessence boasts musicians all studying or graduated from the prestigious Leeds College of music. Combining the sounds of punchy horns, lush backing vocals, a grooving rhythm section and a lead singer to thrill all, Candessence deliver a powerful, unique sound that will get everyone dancing!.