This is a review of "s/t" recorded by Aqute Couch. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

I first saw Aqute Couch live at Joseph's Well, and I must admit right now that I enjoy their 9-track CD even more than I liked their live show. Once again, its very difficult to listen to and you have to concentrate - I like a challenge.

Aqute Couch are a four-piece acoustic band playing eccentric songs; from the obscure (but probably most mainstream of the lot of them) guitarist, to the quirky, sometimes funky, always very talented double bass, all the way to the duo female vocalists.

The vocalists really make the band, singing off each other remarkably well. Being female fronted, and combined with the delivery and the subject matter, Aqute Couch come across in a very sensual manner, which is even more appealing. Opening the CD is "Looking For Business" which has the memorable chorus of "Good looking, good for business" and is probably my favourite track.

Though harmonies are very rare, when they occur they are delivered well.

What makes me so enthralled in this CD are the lyrics. These guys may not be your cup of tea musically, and some people may find them too difficult to get into, but if you spend time listening to their lyrics I don't think anyone will deny they possess a certain quality in this area.

"Juliet" is the close runner up in my favourite track stakes, opening with the lyrics "Single white, Femme, Juliet, Pencil Thin, Etiquette" before moving off into yet another memorable song.