This article was published in 2011.

"People say the internet has killed albums. Well I thought about that, and actually I love the idea of a return to the early days of recorded popular music, when people just loved one song at a time, really intensely. Or even to a time before that, when they had to buy the sheet music and learn to play it for themselves.

So, I've made some singles to be released in a series this Autumn, available by only as downloads (no CDs this time), only from, and on a Pay What You Want basis - each song will cost you zero pence, or a million dollars, or anywhere in between!

Or you can receive the song by post, in the form of a specially designed, hand-addressed postcard which will have a unique code allowing you to download the tune.

I'm also transcribing the guitar tab for each song - the proper semi-impossible Gomm arrangement, and a basic strum-along version too - so you can learn to play it yourself if you like.

The songs were home-produced by me in my house with my battered guitar Wilma, some budget microphones and an old laptop, hence the Domestic Science title, and each one has an accompanying video which has been produced on a shoestring by helpful fans and budding film-makers, keen as always to get involved and help the cause. Thanks dudes!

The first song is called Passionflower, and it'll be out on Wednesday September 28th. The following singles in the series are mix of new songs, unexpected cover versions and instrumentals.

Thanks for reading,