This is an archive of the band profile for Cave Birds.

"This is abstract, noir-pop at its most scintillating."


"Big, bold pop songs just waiting to be unleashed to the unsuspecting masses."

- This is Fake DIY

"Haunting... powerful and insidious"

- There Goes The Fear

"...Equipped for Bond themes and cinematic car chases, its an all-action example of big ambition..."

- This Is Fake DIY

"Fists-in-the-air pop with an emotional edge, it's the music of Radio One playlists, music television and broadsheet arts mags. Cave Birds won't be in the dark for long."

- Generator

"Abounding with dark drama, and sky-scraper-levelling choruses - it's Talk Talk meets Hurts via The Last Shadow Puppets."

- Von Pip Musical Express

"Like an early Cure with 80's noir pop flourishes"

- New Music Matters.