This article was published in 2011.

After a short Summer break, Leeds 3 piece alt rock band Buffalo Bones have a rabid new drummer, some new loud self-produced recordings and are itching to get back on the road. The band also have a new basement HQ from where there will be a series of new songs released, videos uploaded and free downloads made available over the next few months. The first video showing the band in their new surroundings can be seen here:

The visceral new track 'Turn It On Again' will be released in early October 2011 on the third installment of 'A Collection of Calamity', the free CD and download compilation from The Rock and Roll Circus studio art space.

Until then, a new free download will be released each month here: beginning with 'Turn It On Again (Live)', recorded at the Holbeck Underground Ballroom, out now.

Buffalo Bones are seeking gig bookings, press support and radio play to support the release of new material over the coming months. Please get in touch for further information:

buffalo_bones (at)

or for gig bookings:

agency (at)