This is a review of "Notches On The Bedpost / Out Of Line" recorded by British Daylight. The review was written by Jonny Mawson in 2011.

British Daylight have to be one of my favourite up and coming bands in Leeds, there's something about them which is just likeable, whether it's the DIY ethic of putting on your own gigs, the free downloads of all their songs or if it's just the songs themselves that make me like them, I don't know, but all that matters is that it all adds up for a great indie sound.

'Notches On The Bedpost' is their new single and in standard British Daylight fashion it sounds like a mixture of The Libertines and Skint And Demoralised, this is not a criticism. This brilliantly jumpy track may not win any awards for being the most technical song but as an angry punky style song it is perfect.

Next is the B-side of this single, 'Out Of Line,' which is my favourite song on this single. It rings of old school Clash/Buzzcocks style punk. Very fast guitars, equally fast drums and singing in a high pitched screechy style, I look forward to seeing this song live very soon. I'm sure they'll be a good moshpit (or just me, moshing by myself like an idiot, come say hi.)

This is a very good single from British Daylight, and the best part of all is that both tracks are free download on their Soundcloud (