This is a review of "eatitfightitfuckit" recorded by Brazil. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

Following their well-received "This Is Future-Wave" EP, Brazil have delivered yet another quality combination of guitar-pop tracks. Two of the songs on this "eatitfightitfuckit" EP are top-drawer material, especially my favourite "School Daze".

Opening up the CD this three-minute classic track oozes energy of a Supergrass-esque nature; a comparison highlighted most by the delivery of the lyrics during the sing-along chorus "Should have done better in school". Great track - I haven't heard anything as simple, yet as catchy and memorable as this in a long while. "Strop-pop" say the band. Yeah.

My other favourite is the final track "Razor Queen", a song about a gay superhero. A bit more glam-punk rock; imagine a spangly guitar track with hints of the 70's in the vocals, perhaps Wire or Buzzcocks. Another memorable chorus, another track you can join in with.

Sandwiched in between are two tracks that take a bit of a step back from the pace delivered elsewhere. "Charmed" is a live recording, a bit lo-fi and experimental especially during the outro - whilst the main section of the song is a simple two-note bass line that eventually got on my nerves. Atmospheric vocals. Nice and impressive, but not my thing.

Neither is "Sister Volume", the slow (er) song, though I liked this one a lot more than "Charmed" - even the rockier guitar moments are laid-back; the vocals are sung well, hit the notes when required and done it in yet another style. You couldn't pin Gwyn down even if you tried.

Brazil obviously work hard to avoid tracks being simple fillers, though "Charmed" came a little too close for me. A band who have set themselves high standards, Brazil are still hitting them...