This is an archive of the band profile for The Frontier Psychiatrists.

The Frontier Psychiatrists are four handsome young men whose scuzzy/fuzzy un-pop noise has been torturing ears since late 2006.

Influences are as far-reaching as one group of sweaty men with guitars and another different group of sweaty men with guitars, and these disparate sources of inspiration result in a special brand of rawk that has been compared to the likes of Art Brut, The Fall, Half Man Half Biscuit and various other bands whose singers aren't very good at singing.

Bass pummels, guitars clang with swirly/stuttery delays, drums go BANG BANG and voices go LA LA. Previously described as as "bloody good", "Captain Beefheart meets the Undertones" and "a bit like a car crash", The Frontier Psychiatrists are clinically proven to help lower cholesterol as part of a balanced diet..