This is a review of "Tommy" recorded by Double Muscle. The review was written by Johnny Harris in 2011.

With a dirge of UK bands currently releasing tracks heavily inspired by the 90s alternative rock scene, many have fallen by the wayside seemingly spending more time picking distortion pedals than penning a catchy tune. This is not a mistake made by Leeds rockers Double Muscle. On their three track EP 'Tommy', the band show they have a considerable knack for writing a brilliant song. Title track and undoubted highlight 'Tommy' mixes the perfect amount of lo-fi production, complete with scuzzy guitars and distorted vocals, with a catchy melody that will have indie kids dancing nationwide. Lyrically it follows oft trodden ground in pop music, getting over a girl, however it is delivered with a joy that is difficult not to replicate in the listening.

Second track 'Lungs' replaces much of the swirling feedback and overlapping guitars that make 'Tommy' such a great listen with a much more urgent intensity. Even with lyrical nonsensities (I still have no idea what a 'Parisian face' looks like) the track is a great listen, ending with a furious mess of guitars and bass but somehow managing to maintain a driving rhythm that listen after listen still makes you want to move.

The EP also contains a cover of the Minutemen's 'Cut' which although it is an endearing tribute to an obvious influence does little to change from the original, and merely takes up a space on a record which could be replaced by one of their own.

Double Muscle had fun making this record, something that when the lyric 'I enjoyed myself' is shouted down your headphones it is hard to miss. But this is their point, the band are like a schoolboy trying to suppress a grin when a teacher is shouting at them. This doesn't detract from their value though, after all you don't have to be serious to be taken seriously.