This article was published in 2011.

Silverlode release their latest digital EP on Monday October 3rd 2011

The four-track EP is simply titled "Four Short and Varied Songs Regarding
Money, Effort, Worth and Self EP"

This studio recording sees the band as their usual upbeat selves, dishing out melody hooks, layering up harmonies, ensuring bold songs dynamics and providing a dark web of imagery masking the world beyond.
It may be filed under 'dangerous alternative pop for the crafty'.
Recorded by the band at Grain Division Studio, Leeds and mastered by Dan Mofo.

The track listing is as follows:-

Work (3m37s)
An abrasive, upbeat rocker about all work and no play while burning the candle at both ends

Sherlock Bleedin' Holmes (2m35s)
A spangled psych-pop ode to the late, great Jeremy Brett based upon a lucid dream

The Breeze Between Your Knees (Naked) (4m37s)
The worrying tale of John and the repercussions he faced after appearing at work naked

Me & Billy Bragg (2m45s)
A song for the age, a porch stamping ode to the tax man and his colleagues

Available to listen to and buy online on a 'pay-what-you like' basis from the band's website

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