This is an archive of the band profile for Dirty Charmer.

Drew Homer - Lead Singer
Brad Jack - Bass
Doug McCartney - Rhythm guitar
Michael Drayton - Lead Guitar
Sam Whittell - Drums

Fusing the angst of the 80's with the romance of punk-poetry, Dirty Charmer's sound consists of a punk symphony of distorted bass, tinny guitars, deafening drums and angry, heartfelt lyrics and vocals. It's the sound of a generation of lost futures, wasted chances and broken hearts all mixed together into a lethal cocktail of electrifying guitar solos, hard-hitting melodies,bleak and bitter lyrics yet furious and fierce riffs that can only be sung and strummed by the youth of England.

Songwriters Brad Jack and Doug McCartney bring the tunes to the table while Michael Drayton, Sam Whittell and Drew Homer give them the rock 'n' roll sound that the U.K seem to have left behind.

Armed with a truck-load of songs and a punk attitude, Dirty Charmer are ready, waiting and willing to play anywhere and everywhere that comes their way..