This is an archive of the band profile for A Mile Down.

Phoebe McSorley - Vocals
Adam Gadsby - Lead Guitar
Josh White - Rhythm Guitar
Declan Tillotson - Bass
Brandon Lamb - Drums

A Mile Down was formed in Leeds, West Yorkshire in 2010 and was the vision of 5 young highly talented musicians. In early 2010 the band began life as four high school friends having a common interest in rock music, with Phoebe McSorley on Vocals, Brandon Lamb on Drums, Dec Tillotson playing Bass and Josh White on Guitar. They began playing cover songs by artists similar to Bullet for my Valentine and Greenday, but the band wanted more ... so started to write their own material, and with the addition of lead guitarist Adam Gadsby in early 2011 'A Mile Down' was born. Their mix of hard rock and ballads makes this band unique in their song writing, with awesome riffs and hard-line drum compositions, the band radiates confidence and a big stage presence. Their debut gig was epic!! With one of the biggest crowds witnessed at Rio's in Bradford, the band's sell-out performance was one worth remembering and has left fans screaming for more..