This is an archive of the band profile for Ethos Theory.

Micky Johnson
Johnny Mackie
Neil Penn
Kieran Gotts
Owen Allerton

Ethos theory is a band born of raw talent and determination with a fresh new take on creating music. With an eclectic array of musical tastes our band creates music that is hard to pigeonhole its best described under the banner of alternative rock but our ethos, if you will, is to simply make songs that feel right and sound good.
Micky Johnson (lead vocals) is the catalyst to their creativity and ...inhibitor of their impetuosities he has a dogmatic dedication to writing and performing, with a voracious passion to achieve sonic excellence. Accompanied by Johnny Mackie (lead guitar) a consummate master of the axe and an unparalleled ability to find the melody in a song and match it. With a natural ear for music and a tone smoother than silk, yet sharp enough to cut through glass he is the corner stone in our wall of sound. His opposite number Neil Penn (rhythm guitar) is the cement that holds their songs together with precision timing and stringent rhythms and an unquestionable commitment to crafting not just creating music he is the Whitford to their Perry. His right hand man in the rhythm section Owen Allerton (bass Guitar)brings the funk and groove to the proceedings, owning arguably the biggest mix bag of musical inspirations, he throws out the rule book on bass ideology and tries to bring harmony and groove simultaneously with a meticulous eye and compulsive eagerness to better all previous endeavours. Which makes life hard for, last but most certainly not least, Kieran Gotts (Drums) the very backbone of their band. Despite being the youngest member of our group he has the composure and talent of a man many years his senior. He is the foundation on which they build. With the work ethic of an ox and the heart of a lion his talents and capabilities have increased almost exponentially and with no logical end in sight.
Together they are an unstoppable tour de force trying to take their music and message to the masses..