This is an archive of the band profile for Grant K. Fennell.

"Leeds based Grant K. Fennell's debut EP, 'Cold Home & The Family Bones' - is so sincerely moving, that any person tasked with describing its music in publication is reduced to a state of introspective mental breakdown. The intangibility and beauty of this seven track EP lie in its minimalism." -

"Truly, the way in which Fennell binds together words is astounding. Creating a mirage out of dark and twisted metaphors of life, love and death, merely reading his lyrics overwhelms you with emotion before you have even pressed play ... The EP showcases Fennell's distinct, intricate guitar work, visionary ideas and overwhelming vocal prowess - all of which permeate his 20 years." - God Is In The TV Zine

Grant K. Fennell, a 20 year old Acoustic Singer/Songwriter, began his exploration of live music in 2003, performing in many bands, at many venues across England, experimenting in every genre he came across.

He released his first EP "Cold Home & The Family Bones" in 2011, a sparse, minimal exploration of human emotion. The result of a short break from band dynamics, which over time, I am sure will return..