This is an archive of the band profile for Karnivore.

Dan Rushton - Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Lewis Armitage - Bass Guitar
Joe Ward - Drums

Formed on the 21st of January 2010 by Dan and Joe, under the original name, Hellbound, after jamming in school we asked Simon Caine to join on Lead Guitar, and our first bassist was Jack Ainsworth. After a while, Jack was removed from the band and replaced by current singer/ bassist of Red Light Riot: Jordan Kenningly.

After a number of months, Jordan was also removed from the band, but still remains friends with us. we then went on to record our first demo, recorded by Steve Walters and mixed by Steve, Simon and Dan. Simon played bass guitar on the demo and in September 2010 Lewis Armitage joined as permanent bass guitarist. Since then, the band changed their name to Karnivore in January of 2011 and played their first gig on the 15th of May at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield, with support from friends; Demonified.

Just a week after they played their first gig, Lewis and Dan decided to leave Karnivore to attempt to persue a new band with a faster and heavier sound, but two months later, on the 13th of July, after some talks with Joe and Si, Karnivore was back up and running with all of the members still intact.

After a long summer of not much practicing, Karnivore started again. On the 14th of September, after much consideration, the remaining members decided to kick Simon. Si was a great friend, and a brilliant guitarist, but former Blood, Sweat and Beer guitarist Sal Qureshi is much more than fitted to fill Si's place.

Karnivore now comes in a three piece..