This is a review of "Drive" recorded by InSatellites. The review was written by Chris Wood in 2011.

InSatellties are a band from Leeds who have come from around the country to study Music Technology at Leeds Met. They have been on their travels playing in Liverpool, Nottingham and playing a fair amount of gigs in Leeds since forming a year ago. The new single 'Drive' which they have released direct to fans on soundcloud and bandcamp sees them take on familiar influences in the alternative rock genre such as Jeff Buckley with a hint of Muse. However with this new tune they sound like a band who are hitting on their own special formula with Mansun and Radiohead esque delayed guitars added to a Soundgarden esque story telling theme. The lyrics are fairly simple and this is where improvements might be made in future songs but they suit the mood well enough to not let it bother you so much.

There is a lot of space in the track which helps the song to breath and there are plenty of excellent cinematic guitar lines from Alex Chester on Guitar. The tracking performances are great with some great drum fills and a very restrained feel to the way the instruments are introduced as to not over egg the track. Not many bands just starting out do this very well and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into the production and effects choices.

Its a very impressive sound for a band only just into their twenties and if they continue on the path shown here they could have a very prosperous future ahead of them. What really surprised me was that the single was recorded by the band themselves in the basement in their house. It sounds like it was at the very least recorded in a decent studio. I'm looking forward to see if the band can continue to produce more gems like this in future.