This is an archive of the band profile for DJ esSDee.

A Short Introduction to a Tall DJ.

Nothing comes close to hearing a certain tune at a certain time for a reason that really matters at that moment in your life. Whether it be feel good, heartbreak or simply up yours.

A forever rising star in a sky full of non-educated DJ's and with a dope style that derives from spending years celebrating the art form alongside the biggest DJ's on planet earth. DJ esSDee is known for playing everything in a way that speaks to everybody. His no genre style has a way of finding its way onto every hard-drive and brings the people off the mean streets on a weekly basis.

From his work with super producer IRN MNKY and the legendary DJ Shadow, to his outstanding top 10 performance at Bingley Music Live and his new radio show that highlights his weekly show for The Therapy Sessions, DJ esSDee has never stopped. Still supporting artists, still putting out amazing Live mixes and still the man raising his game day by day.

The connoisseur, the showman, the selector... whatever you want to label him .. just know that this DJ is fast becoming the King around here..