This article was published in 2003.

After almost a year since their last gig, Dub City are finally returning to the Leeds scene. Following the arrival of their new guitarist, Jonathan Maude, in early 2003, the band have reinvented their style and sound and are now proudly producing heavier songs with a more rock-orientated feel. This is a vast progression from their days as pop-punk band with their former guitarist, and it is a change that the band are very excited about.

Front-man Paul Wainwright said, "After what seems like decades since we last played, we are finally ready to hit the scene again. We have purposely taken our time writing a whole set of new songs and improving our performance, and we hope that people will like our new style. We are really pleased with the new material we're producing, it's more technical and heavier than what we used to play, and we think it's a real change for the better."

New guitarist Maude says he is pleased with how well he has fitted into the band, and believes his relationship with Wainwright and drummer Paul Crowther is much better than he at first anticipated. Maude: "I've known them both for a couple of years, but I had never really even talked to them until I joined. They invited me to their last gig with their old guitarist and I was really impressed, and then they asked me to join. I was pretty chuffed, but I didn't really want to play some of their music, so together we set about playing heavier songs with a harder sound. Now it's sounding great, and I can't wait to get gigging!"

To make up your own mind whether the change has been worth the wait, the City have announced their first gigs back. They will be performing for the first time in 11 months at Josephs Well on Saturday 27th December.