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Superintendent is an alternative rock band, formed in the winter of 2010/11 and hailing from the ever productive musical womb of Leeds, England. The band comprises:

Ad Phillips (vocals)
Dan Westbrooke (bass)
Andrew Poskitt (guitar)
Ric White (drums)

Their debut album, 'First Offence', was globally released on 24 Sept 2012, via their independent label Mighty Man Bear records and Tunecore.

"This CD is so up my street I've given it my house keys and told it to put the kettle on...A F***ING WELL GOOD CD..."
Dai Jones, Mass Movement Magazine

"This is a quality debut that demands your attention, now go discover."
Ben Hughes, UberRock

"...we're left with an unexpected grin on our faces that means their work here is done...set alight this firework and watch it fly. (8)"

"...a sound which is unlike any other bands out there, it's unique and what's more, it works."
Dave Nicholls, Loud-Stuff

"One thing's for sure there's nothing amateurish about cleverly titled debut First Offence, in fact it's pretty impressive when you consider it was created by a band that only formed in February 2011."
Sophie Lidyard, RoomThirteen

"...11 tracks of focussed fury."
Mike Price, Vibrations Magazine

The opening track from 'First Offence' - Are We Having Fun Yet? - can be downloaded for free at

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