This is a review of "Productive Day?" recorded by Mr Dogg. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

A five-track interactive CD, featuring a well-produced video and a complete photo gallery, with additional sound clips throughout, is the latest offering from Mr Dogg. I'd spent fifteen minutes playing with it, before I even listened to the CD.

There a shifting bass line and a great lead guitar part to open the first song, "Reasons". What I like about this song/band compared to other bands is that Mr Dogg know when to introduce the lead aspect into their punk (metal riffs in there too) sound and they don't do too much. That means the song bounces along, adds more emphasis to the chorus and makes me happy. A good opening song.

"Not A Problem" is a ska track. I've been learning more and more about ska since I first saw Mr Dogg and Mr Shiraz live at Joseph's Well, but I still wouldn't say I know that much. It's not really my thing, but I do like the opportunity for bands to kick their songs off and the overall up-beat aspect to the genre. This track is no different, not one I'd say was a great song but it's ok nevertheless.

"Anarchy Courtesy of MTV" is the best track by a long, long shot - when I heard it I even had that doubt in my head that said "Is this really a Mr Dogg song?" Apologies to the band, but this is a very good song. It starts with a very quick-fire guitar intro, but ends up as a bouncy, sing-along melodic US punk track. Turn this up load and rock your house. I did.

Following this song is a metal intro, a bit of lead and a threat to go all heavy. "When I Call You" then decides to go ska. Nice twist. I like the vocals too. A return to the heavier style of the introduction was expected and just on cue was delivered. Not a bad song, and not really brilliant either - sort of average like "Not A Problem".

Fuck me. "Proud" kicks some hell of a beginning. It sorts of dies a little as the track goes on however, though the catchy chorus is delivered well - a touch of harmonies over the typically punk-metal guitar sound.

But this CD. Play it loud.