This article was published in 2011.

New Heavy Sounds Records have this week announced the signing of Leeds heavy rockers Black Moth to the label with work on the band's debut album already started.

The label and band have also announced that Grinderman's legendary drummer and knob twiddler extraordinaire Jim Sclavunos, who recently produced the acclaimed second Jim Jones Revue album, will produce the album.

Jim Sclavunos said, "Black Moth's music hearkens back to the balls-out hard rock of my misspent youth - but with a fresh up-to-date attitude."

The band said "We're hugely excited to be working with Jim. The number of influential bands he's been a part of is quite something and Grinderman 2 is one of the most innovative albums created in recent years. We know he'll inspire us to make a great record."

The album promises to be a rifftastic, dirty, dark and heavy slab of vinyl that'll shake the wax from those tired old ears, and builds upon the band's first two singles and acclaimed live shows.

Black Moth's debut NHS release 'Spit Out Your Teeth' appears on the compilation 'New Heavy Sounds Vol 2', the second essential chronicle of what's currently going down on the new burgeoning heavy rock scene. The compilation also features Bradford's Cut Yourself In Half, as well as tracks from Tweak Bird, Mojo Fury, True Widow, Computers, The Sword, Gum Takes Tooth and many others.