This article was published in 2003.

Having parted company with their record label, of their own accord, Phluid have decided to go it alone and have produced the finest recording of their career - "Release".

"Release" is a five-track mini-album that encompasses every emotion we feel - from internal despair, though reckless hedonism to triumphant self-belief.

Recorded with Pete Brown, producer of 80's soul sensation Sam Brown and more recently the excellent Fony, "Release" has been co-produced by the band themselves to give a much more live feel to proceeding.

Drummer Ginna says, "Release is the alter ego to Cynical Smile (Phluid debut). While Cynical Smile was quite heavy it was much more controlled, this recording shows the band as it is - reckless, energetic and almost out of control".

Singer Polly adds, "The process of recording release seemed more natural and everybody relaxed into it, we did the rhythm tracks live so we got to play as band, I think the energy of that comes across in the recording".

Phluid should be touring to promote "Release" in the not too distant future and they will also be putting a video together for a few of the tracks.

"Release" is available on Casket records from 17th of November.