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Rex Manning Day are a Leeds based alternative rock band, who play music that sits somewhere between meloncholic americana and high energy college rock. With a sharp disdain for the overly pretentious and a love of Kafka, RMD create an unique and intoxicating blend of words, noise and melody.

A man had this to say:

"Strong vocals, convincing lyrics and decent drumming keep the tracks rolling with the lead guitar performing a kind of secondary vocal function and the bass tying it all together. There's a ton of potential in their sound." - Leeds Music Scene

A woman had this to say:

"They stand on a wall, and say 'Nothing's going to hurt you tonight...not on my watch'" - Demi Moore

Tom Pooley: Guitar, Vocals.
Sam Coe: Guitar.
Pete Hufton: Bass.
Adam Newton: Drums.