This article was published in 2003.

The Wrath Supersevens - a 7" singles club - series draws on as the next few releases are hitting the postboxes of the subscribers right now. For those not in the know about Wrath Supersevens, it's a mail order club that has been running since the middle of 2003 and consists of collection of six split singles featuring the entire Wrath roster as well as exclusive tracks from special guests in a highly collectable set. It's the aural equivalent of Readers Digest.

Subscribers have been rolling in from various parts of the globe and Wrath are hoping to keep the club running for the next few months into 2004 until stock runs out. If you subscribe, you'll probably receive a wodge of 7" records that make up the first few releases and then the rest will follow as they come out until you have all six. They will be accompanied by discount vouchers for other Wrath produce and a CD compilation of all the tracks at the end of it all (for purists who don't want to scratch their vinyl).

Stuffy/The Fuses, from deepest London, are set to re-record a track called "Waltz" next week for inclusion on the next 7". This will be the first recording of the current line-up. Following this will be an album Join Me or Die!, again out on Leeds' Wrath label, scheduled for release in late January 2004.

Plans are already afoot for the next Supersevens collection which is being planned to start sometime in 2004 featuring more ear-splittingly ace exclusive tracks from some bands you know and some you don't.