This is an archive of the band profile for Richard Brooke.

Richard Brooke is just one of a growing number of Bands/artists etc, that have taken full advantage of the internet music revolution that has changed the face of the music industry in recent years. Relying totally on the internet to promote his music, and with no finances to spend on top of the range studios to record his songs, Richard has managed to build up a following with just his home made demos to get his message across. Initially building up a following on MySpace, Richard is now working towards doing the same by building his following here on Facebook.

In an industry which puts a great deal of emphasis on image, hype, perfect sounding recordings ("with no human emotion in them whatsoever" he says), Richard is proud of his stand-alone stance - and with good reason. His recordings, while home made ("I only paid £2 for my microphone at a car boot sale for starters - crap quality but at least I can record something" he laughs) show someone who knows and appreciates the value of writing a good catchy tune before even considering such trivial things as remixing/compression/limiters etc (studio jargon for those who don't know these things - don't ask). Richard himself says "I always have - and always will - believe that it is far better to make a rough recording of a great tune than it is to spend a fortune making a great professional recording of a crap song which has all the emotion of a flat battery." Wise words indeed..