This is an archive of the band profile for Braveface.

Braveface was originally formed in late 2011 by then guitarist, vocalist and frontman; Rory Holl, drummer; Calvin Sargeant and bassist; Luke Craven. They gigged extensively in and around Leeds performing songs mostly penned by Holl. The band's output, a strong outburst of punchy smile-sparking pop rock tracks were recorded and released on two EPs: 'Jilted Navigation', the title track of which became the band's mascot single; and, 'Whatever Makes You Happy'.

The band saw a few line-up changes throughout their time together most notably involving drummer, Jimmy Milne (Creepin' Truth) joining the band to record the second EP along with Dom Hodgson on the keyboards and Chris Coombes (City Dukes) on second guitar and backing vocals.

Now, after a number of years out, and with a re-vamped line up and youthful outburst of energy they have returned. Now consisting of Rory Holl on both bass and lead vocals, Daniel Empsall on guitar and backing vocals and Calvin Sargeant on the drums and Percussion. In the short year they have been back together, they have made a small success of themselves locally, playing at the award winning Staxtonbury Festival in July and supporting Chantel McGregor at York's Fibbers venue in June.

The review of which from 'Not Quite Music Journalism' stated:

"(Braveface)'s songs reminded me of something that I couldn't quite put my finger on...influenced by, rather than copying, I would say, in much the same way that you could hear the Floyd influences in Chase The Winter... ...This was the first time I had seen this band......Would I see them again? Yes, I probably would."

The band have also found themselves on the TV screens of Leeds having had their show filmed on a number of occasions by local TV station, 'Made In Leeds' which showcases and promotes news and events around the area. First filmed in February 2015, was a set the band were asked to play at 'The Cube' as part of an interesting social experiment into live music, its audiences and what its future marketplace might look like. And the second being a short but blistering set played at South Milford Sports Club's aptly named 'Milfest' in August which featured some great shots of the band and the crowd interlaced with interviews with the event organisers. In speaking of festivals, Braveface were also playing to a packed out Milo Bar as part of the citywide; 'Live at Leeds' festival in May.

Braveface have just released their new single 'Home' in November 2015, and will be continuing to write and record material for the new album coming in 2016....