This article was published in 2003.

Eight of Leeds urban groups have collaborated on the CD titled Leeds Urban Fusion 2003 to produce some of the freshest sounds on the Leeds urban scene. Artists included Shlomo, Ricky Venal Stone, Eventually, Thelonious, Stronger In Harmony, Royal Blood, and Urban Arts Collective.

Urban Fusion is an innovative project that was conceived following the growing successes of "Urban Arts Day" events organised by Leeds City Council's Arts and Regeneration Unit. Above all else this CD reflects the vibrancy and talent of emerging artists within the Leeds Urban Arts scene.

Growing organically to involve many articles, from those "up and coming" to those with a range of professional experience, it has created a hub for the exchange of ideas and sounds that emanate from Leeds' dynamic and diverse music scene.

Alongside individual tracks by each artist this CD also features collaborations between groups and a unique signature track featuring all 22 of the musicians who have contributed to the project.

The process was one of mutual respect and shared inspiration, culminating in Leeds Urban Fusion 2003, a CD born from Hip-Hop, R&B, and Urban Flavaz, that kicks down the door and reveals to all, including those in the UK music industry, the flair and ability that is available in Leeds!

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