This is an archive of the band profile for Jack Flash.

Jack Flash is a hiphop artist that embodies individuality, honesty, raw talent and intelligent music. Born in 1986 and raised in Huddersfield, an industrial multicultural town in the North of England, Flash began writing lyrics in his early teens, quickly gaining a reputation amongst his peers at a local level through his eagerness to grab any mic in his vicinity and win over even the most difficult of crowds.

Truly, he is the jack of all trades and the master of them too. Flash has an ability to sound as natural plotting a twisting narrative as he does serving a straight up platter of punchlines. He is an MC of variety yet consistency and dances from concept to concept through his ever growing library of songs. Not just a lyricist, Flash also indulges in producing and performs with extraordinary 8 piece live hiphop band Extra Curricular.

After making appearances on projects released by Asaviour, DJIQ and Jehst, Flash released his own LP in 2008 on Klinik Records entitled 'The Union Jack Album'. The project was met with acclaim from hiphoppers as well as critics worldwide. The Metro described his style as "Bright, headnodding hiphop matched with appealing storytelling skills and witty verbal carpentry," The single 'Intoxicating' was hailed hiphop track of the year by a Word Magazine writer, and many other major magazines, websites and radio DJs endorsed and supported the album.

In February 2009 Jack Flash became the End Of The Weak World Champion showing his diversity as an MC and superiority as a performer. Flash has graced stages from New York to Berlin and has been the official support act for Ill Bill, Skinnyman and Jehst. No doubt, you can expect a future for Flash as bright as the man himself..