This is an archive of the band profile for Salsa Como Loco.

This band is for dancing.

Set up by members of various bands including The Peace Artistes, Bassa Bassa, Duende, Red Herrings, Small World Band and Bradford Samba band, with an overpowering love of, and desire to play, Cuban style Salsa dance music, their main reason for playing is to get people dancing (and no we don't care how you move so long as you do).

The band is made of musicians who've been playing together over a number of years in a variety of different musical contexts.

Often supported by their very own DJ who spins a mixture of Latin style tunes in the spaces.

About 3 years old now they have put together a stonkin' Dance set and have been playing for venues and parties around Bradford. Hot infectious dance rythms to get you body moving.

Anne - Percusion
Brian - Bass
Dave - Percussion
Gary - Saxophones/Bongos
Helen - Trumpet
Julia - Piano
Nic - Flute
Tenley - Timbales
Rich - Trombone
Rob - Baritone Sax
Sharon - Congas
Soraya - Vocals.