This is a review of "Waiting For Nothing" recorded by Tempting Kate. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

Three-piece Tempting Kate are a Scotland-based band with a Garforth contact address - drummer Paul is from Leeds - but even the most tenuous Leeds-link is acceptable as far as I am concerned because these guys have sent me a top-class CD with four excellent guitar-pop tracks. I haven't even tried to turn it off, and if they fail to get national recognition it will be a major travesty. Yes, really, I am that excited about this CD. And so what if I'm jumping on the bandwagon - ok, so YEP gave them 5/5, over 600 copies of this record have been shipped already and they got rave reviews from national music press - I'm now joining that list.

The band say "Sonic Pop" which sounds cool, if you want to know what this is like think the poppy aspects of Idlewild, the ability to play happy-go-pop guitar music and still keep a certain crunch and credibility at the same time. Think Feeder. Think tracks that very easily compare well to the two recent Feeder singles. Think radio-friendly. Think kids that pogo, jump around and have lots of fun. Think infectious. Wow. Can't wait to see if they can do this live.