This article was published in 2012.

The Leeds Music Scene website - that's us - has started 2012 with a special new feature designed specially for its 2,000+ Facebook users.

Over the next few months we will be importing all gig listings into Facebook as public events onto the global social media site. Bands, promoters, and venues can share, publicise and invite their fans to these events, and music fans will be able to view all the upcoming gigs in Leeds, join gigs and invite their friends.

You can view the gig guide now here: Leeds Gig Guide on Facebook.

Event pages have been linked into the Facebook Places feature, so if a Leeds music venue has a presence already on Facebook the new events will be linked together, additionally offering users a map and travel directions.

All gig listings are kept in sync with the main Leeds Gig Guide website and our own extended listings and previews. That means that as line ups change, previews added, or even if gigs are cancelled, we should have all changes reflected across onto Facebook within minutes of the update on our site.

Bands can create or delete events via their admin console on our website or via the special add a gig to Leeds Gig Guide page, or can contact us if they need any assistance with modifying or cancelling any event listed on Leeds Gig Guide.

As well as our new public events page, we're also revealing our Gig Guide Application on Facebook, where users can save off gigs and see their saved gig history (click "Me"), or see what gigs their friends are going to (click "Friends").

We hope all Facebook users enjoy these new features we're extending to them - please leave any feedback for us on our Leeds Music Scene: Facebook page.

We also invite all new visitors to join us below:

Thanks for reading and a warm welcome from all of us to 2012!