This article was published in 2012.

Although Seas-Of-Green only formed in 2010 they have undergone several major structural changes; as such they felt it a gift to their fans to announce the release of their debut LP.

After having such an impact on the local scene it was little surprise to hear the reforming of one of the finest bands around and what better way to come back then with a re-mastered compilation of three existing EPs. However Seas-Of-Green didn't stop there. Not only did they announce the release of 'ThreeEPLP', news later broke via their Facebook page of the restructured band booking studio time to work on new projects. What a way to announce a comeback!

It's hard to say how many members of the band there are. Given that they have been disbanding, reforming and mutating in different forms for several years now, my guess is four? However lead man Alex Rushfirth is never scared to introduce additional vocals (Oily Joe/Goodbye Earth) or some additional Guitar work (Drone). Either way the band's love for the work of Radiohead and Sigur Ros is evident throughout, with elements of lively and well educated politically infused lyrics (Oily Joe and Japan).

Seas-Of-Green are a band not to be messed with. It's tracks such as 'Horseshoe' and 'Wolves' that really show what they can achieve with strong political views and a tape recorder.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Oily Joe/Goodbye Earth
2. Oxblood Boots
3. Milk Teeth and Green Tea
4. Drone
5. Platform Two
6. Wolves
7. Japan
8. Juno Blues
9. Horseshoe

Even though it is a compilation of three existing EPs, 'ThreeEPLP' has been re-recorded to professional levels and as such it would have been criminal to only release via download, so is available to purchase via

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