This is an archive of the band profile for Jonny B and the Goodes.

'The Goodes' formed in late 2010 as a 4 piece, Jonny, Jamie, Dave and a drummer (we think he's called Mathew, but we call him Wolf). After learning some top quality rock songs we put on a little exhibition show for some locals at the Farsley Liberal Club. The turn out was better than expected, as was the crowd response and from that moment we guessed we were in for some good times ahead.

Shortly after our Wembley-esque exhibition gig, an old friend of ours (old as in we've known him for ages not that he's ancient), and old band mate of Jamie's, got back from an around the world trip. Seen as he was alright on the old six string and was itching to do some gigging we drafted him in. Joe then joined the band and so the 5 piece was complete.

Our first 'real' gig was then played at The Owl in Rodley. The pub was filled to bursting so we knew we had to impress. Two 50 minute sets of pure rock genius later we stood victorious, though a little sweaty, in front of our audience basking in the glory that we had bestowed upon ourselves. As the crowd went wild we all knew that playing was something we had to do not only for ourselves but for all of you, our loyal fan base..