This is a review of "More Bloody Bad News" recorded by The Dauntless Elite. The review was written by Danielle Millea in 2012.

Before I mention the music that these Leeds lads have released onto the general public for the second time, I must mention the presentation. With its cut and paste appearance and the brain on the CD that pops out of the card wallet this is a fine attempt at some Terry Gilliam and Monty Python stuff. Great work by Joe Watson of Attack Vipers.

Inside and on the brain that I have just removed is a collection of some raw Northern England punk rock, performed the way that they do best. Singer Joe's Yorkshire accent is as thick as a Pontefract cake and hits you straight from the start of 'Saliva'. Song titles like 'Better Than Nowt' and 'Sod This for A Game Of Soldiers' should point this out to you too. 'Motion Sickness' brings the tempo up and down, like being on a real punk rock boat. There are fast tracks on this album, like the speedy 'I Don't Wanna Be A Transhuman', but then they can swing it the other way with the slower 'Silent Running'. 'Danson In The Dark (Don't Ask Me)' is a stand out track with its at war lyrics versus a real danceable melody. Whether or not it's owt to do with Ted I have no idea...

Although this is only their second album this band are influences for many, many other Northern bands and the time it has taken them to release this self-described 'tricky' album shows that its quality, not quantity. A great release and a blumming pleasure to look at and listen to.