This is a review of "From Me to You EP" recorded by Callum Macintyre. The review was written by Harry Bedford in 2012.

The DIY music making culture can often lead to some very amateurish work and poor musicianship; however Callum Macintyre has blended it with a great skill for songwriting and a strong knowledge of music to produce an EP that would work well on local radio and throughout the local music scene. This EP is a well presented piece of work that showcases Callum Macintyre's talents as a musician, lyricist and self-promoting entrepreneur. The professional production of the recordings is not wasted on these four songs that have been clearly influenced by a range of different styles of music.

The music adopts an upbeat, melodic style that gives the lyrics a beautiful sound as they discuss the ups and downs of adolescent life. The EP begins with It Was Always You, a light hearted love song that has a very relaxed feel and the production features on the record elevates it from other similar sounding songs with its changing dynamics and building textures. Next up I Am a Fool is a confessional song that seems to take much influence from John Mayer's acoustic style and lyrical techniques. Firecrack Jack is probably the strongest song on EP, it is very melodic and Callum's excellent singing voice can be heard in full flow here. The song has clearly been crafted with full consideration to the lyrical content. In addition, the production doesn't let the songwriting craftsmanship go to waste, the arrangement produces hills and valleys for the song to flow through. This is My Heart rounds up the EP and continues the smooth acoustic sound and Mayer style vocals and lyrics.

Overall, this is an excellent piece of work from a young singer-songwriter that blends wonderful acoustic sounds with some intelligent and interesting lyrics. It is also an example of the great things coming out of enthusiastic, young musicians from the Leeds area at the moment and shows a bright future for the Leeds music scene.