This is an archive of the band profile for Azazello and Behemoth The Cat.

Scobie - Lyrics/Vocals/Guitar/Piano/Saxophone
Rushfirth - Piano/Percussion/Vocals/Production

Azazello and Behemoth The Cat is the musical project of songwriter Quentin Scobie and producer Alex Rushfirth. The music originated from living near the woods and trying to get an etherial sound to the songs and record. However as the record progresses it becomes about the mundaneness of reality and escapism to worlds of floating cars, women on the internet and playing Casio keyboard ballads about old age. The album was recorded in two separate studios and reflects the shift in the album from being calm and about the forest to the hollowness of the later tracks. The track "Peter" is about Scobie's parrot and features a slow build up of intricate guitar, saxophone and a bag of Minstrels as percussion..