This is an archive of the band profile for Marc Otway.

Marc has shown a natural ability to play and compose music since the tender age of 4. As he has matured he has honed his skills to become a multi-instrumentalist, a master songwriter, as well as an assured and captivating performer.

As an instrumentalist, Marc has the ability fill any position in a pop band, having had formal training as a drummer, a guitarist, a vocalist as well as being a skilled, yet self taught keyboard player.

As a songwriter, Marc really shows his versatility. Having specialized in composition whilst studying for his BA in Popular Music at Leeds College of Music; Marc can write memorable music in any style with confidence.

He also has the musical expertise to arrange music in just about any style, and has the very rare ability to write, arrange and perform all of his own material with a high level of professionalism.

On top of writing his own material; Marc has written and arranged for television..