This is a review of "This is Believing EP" recorded by Penguin. The review was written by Richard Denison in 2012.

Penguin released 'This is Believing' back in 2010 after winning Centre Stage and playing Leeds and Reading Festival's BBC introducing stage.

The first track on the EP 'Just a Well Rounded Person' quickly introduces the listener to Penguin's diverse and unpredictable style. The song starts off slow, with a calm and ambient guitar riff which is soon accompanied by the incredible vocal talent of both Cornish and Prochera. The song then suddenly breaks into a dynamic and catchy guitar riff which introduces the alternative rock style that is portrayed through the rest of the song.

'New' gives us an impressive range of tempo changes that keep the audience unclear of what is coming next, changing instantly from smooth and soft chord sequences into fast-paced distorted guitar. The chorus is a definite hook and the vocals are yet again extremely impressive. The way the second chorus smoothly transfers into a melodic break down shows the music writing talent of this young trio. A transition so smooth would leave music writers double their age in awe. This track has an essence of Twin Atlantic's 'Caribbean War Syndrome' which oozes with musical talent and for a band so young to be comparable to this is an incredible accomplishment.

The next song 'A Vague Interpretation of Everything' draws my attention to the incredible harmonies of Cornish and Prochera's voices. Not to mention the exceedingly powerful music produced from the trio's instruments. However, the vocals are really a stand out point in this song, the outro/last verse that includes the two vocalists singing different lines yet harmonising them impeccably is an incredible end to a fantastic song.

To finish an already impressive EP 'Where We Are' is a personal favourite. This track has absolutely everything. Beginning with a slow and progressive chord sequence, then breaking into the energetic alternative rock style we have seen in earlier tracks. After a well-structured verse and chorus sequence the song leads into a skin shivering guitar solo from Cornish which truly makes the hairs stand on end. This track also sounds the best mixed of the 4. Not too far short of a masterpiece.

The only moan I have of this EP is the sound quality. However, considering the band are so young and under the radar with limited funds the sound quality must be ignored. When recorded in a professional studio it is scary to think how good this band will sound.

Penguin have really shown off their musical talent in this incredible EP. It is no surprise to hear that they are winning competitions such as Centre Stage after listening to the material they arm themselves with. This EP will truly open eyes to who Penguin are and where they are heading. An undoubtedly brilliant EP.