This is a review of "Nightmare" recorded by Cut Out Shapes. The review was written by Evangeline Spachis in 2012.

Cut Out Shapes' new single 'Nightmare' which has been made available exclusively on the band's mailing list, is a tantalising teaser for what the band may bring to the table in the future.

With plans to bring out their first full-length record, 'Nightmare' is a haunting effort with top-notch guitar motifs throughout from Chris Wood and Paul Draper-esque vocals from Chris Ward.

The duo's single was mixed and mastered by Simon Humphrey who has worked with the likes of The Clash, Talking Heads and Television to name but a few.

'Nightmare' follows from earlier single 'Never Change', a relatively more energetic but no less intense offering, and highlights the band's transition from their first (and admirable) EP 'Sea of Tranquillity'.

The Leeds band will release their debut album on D.I. Records later in 2012 and will include both singles. But be sure to sign up for this mature and enduring single before it's too late!