This is a review of "Diet" recorded by Djingo. The review was written by Andy Shearing in 2001.

"The Diet EP" by Djingo is a well-produced CD mixing equal elements of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Limp Bizkit, although unlike both of those bands they seem to have their tongue placed far more firmly in their cheek. The three songs here definitely show a well-developed sense of funk, rock and humour.

"Big Daddy Comin'", the first track, starts deceptively funky with some excellent drum and bass interplay, before the band completely rock out. At times during the verse Don O's vocals sound a little like Huey from the Fun Lovin' Criminals, but this is no bad thing. The chorus melody in this song grabs you and just won't let go, being just in the right side of annoying. The following two tracks are in the same vein.

As a bizarre gift, there is a hidden track: a reprise of the first song, with samples from a wrestling match in place of some of the lyrics. This bizarre ending serves as a god conclusion to a well-produced, well-packaged and memorable CD.