This article was published in 2012.

'360 Live' is a county-spanning live music event aimed at showcasing some of the North's great music talent. It is the brainchild of Richard Watson, the man behind the 360 Club (Fridays upstairs at The Library) and Illustrious Creative.

In partnership with Plugged In Yorkshire, '360 Live' kicks off its first year with gigs in Leeds, Hull, Sheffield and York.

As the contents of our site will attest, Yorkshire is brimming with an enormous amount of high quality musical talent across a vast array of genre, with venues, promoters, websites like Leeds Music Scene, and organisations and businesses all involved in supporting and developing the region's music industry.

'360 Live' launches on Thursday 16th February with a special BBC Introducing West Yorkshire show. The live 3 hour show (7pm - 10pm) will feature 6 live bands from across the region and will take place in front of a live studio audience at the Leeds College of Music concert venue.

The '360 Live' show will also be filmed and broadcast live to the BBC big screens in Millennium Square, Leeds, and in Centenary Square, Bradford.

Tickets for are free for this live radio show by registering at

If you make music, bring it along to the show and the organisers will collect it at the end of the show and pass it on to BBC Introducing West Yorkshire.

A free to attend music industry day and conference will take place in Leeds on Saturday 18th February from 10.30am - 5pm, again hosted at the Leeds College of Music.

This even will be open to anyone interested in a career in the music industry.

The industry day will comprise of panels and workshops throughout the day, covering many aspects of the music industry and the areas covered will all be of relevance to giving knowledge and insight in to the workings of the various areas of the industry that bands need to know and engage with to improve their bands chances of moving forward and also profile raising and, giving bands networking opportunities with the industry panellists from the day.

Tickets for are again free from

About '360 Live' organiser Richard Watson said, "I have been in the music industry over 20 years and spend an awful lot of my time helping bands promote themselves and learn some of the mysterious workings of the music business via 360 Club and Illustrious, my development company, '360 Live' a natural progression for me and is born of a passion for the amazing talent we have in the region, most of which is yet to be discovered by the majority, some of these acts could be headlining major stages and festivals, some of them are breathtakingly good. Anybody attending any of the weekend's gigs is guaranteed of TOP quality live entertainment. Fact!"

"This event is me giving back and doing what I can to help but, it wouldn't even be possible without the support of other like minded people and organisations that have come together to make it happen, especially Plugged In Yorkshire and their Frank Wilkes who do some brilliant work for new artists, and Leeds College of Music. I am extremely grateful for their help and may even buy them a drink."

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