This article was published in 2012.

Having previously announced that they were working with Wild Beasts' producer Richard Formby, Leeds band I Like Trains have now released further details on their third album.

'The Shallows' will be released through Leeds' label ILR on 7th May. It is now available for pre-order and as always the band are offering a variety of options.

The standard album pre-order on CD or vinyl will be signed by the band, and sent out before its conventional release date.

A deluxe album option includes a signed CD or vinyl, the download, name in the album credits and an exclusive screen print. In addition everyone pre-ordering the deluxe option will be entered into a draw for a one off scrap book of the band's recording. This will be packed with Polaroid photos, lyric sheets, plectrums and more.

All physical purchases will include the digital download for free and will receive this as soon as it's ready.

In recent interviews lead singer Dave Martin has hinted that the band have experimented more with their sound with a greater use of synths on this record while historical subject matter has made way for lyrics more focused on modern technology and the worrying grip it holds over us all.

Pre-order now from from the ILR store.