This is an archive of the band profile for OH'Acre.

OH'Acre aka Nick James Rawcliffe is a Leeds based electronic artist that mainly focuses on electronica, ambient, downtempo-IDM and electroacoustic music.

The sound of OH'Acre is a synergy of analogue synthesizers and recording techniques combined with location recordings, sampling and cutting edge digital signal processing.
Musically OH'Acre's influences draw from a range of different genres including ambient, IDM and post-rock.

However the electronic music of the late 80's and early 90's has also had a profound impact on his debut album, idiom (i-iii) (released on Solanic).

While occasionally darting from genre to genre OH'Acre still maintains a signature sound that is defined by individualistic experimentation and the desire to create something unique yet emotive.

The artist is currently working on his debut e.p. for Dobara Music as well as several remixes and heavily rehearsing for his live debut at the Dobara Music launch party in London on the 31st of March.

Labels: Solanic, Dobara Music, 3Loop..