This is a review of "We Interrupt This Broadcast..." recorded by Radio Partizan. The review was written by Joe Scrase in 2012.

I'm afraid I need to start with a few confessions of mine. It was late one night, and I had been in meetings all day with some very demanding people, it was then that I got home to a large pile of post, "oh sod it" I exclaimed. After all it probably wasn't anything important.

Now I may have done some stupid stuff in my life, however to ignore a parcel containing one of the best albums ever written (also containing a lovely note from the band may I add) is right up there on my list of stupid things to date, coincidently just below eating a bacon sarnie in the presence of Morrissey last summer in Leeds (words of advice, DON'T DO IT!)

The second on my list of confessions is as follows, although it is beautifully written and it is evident a lot of time has been invested in mastering it, I have absolutely no idea what to class it as! I'm thinking maybe hallucinogenic, political, alternative, punk? Or is that too long? I'm just struggling to think of a name that will do it justice.

In all seriousness, it's songs such as Hooooo Guru that make me love life. The lyrics seem to be completely nonsensical however with every listen I manage to gain another new word as created by the Leeds three piece.

From a band so interested and driven by political change it's interesting to see them use social media. As quoted from their Facebook page on a music video "Radical Feminist Anglo-Romanian Punk Anthem" if anyone has any idea as to the thinking behind this or its meaning please let me know, it sounds mighty intriguing.

How to describe the album in 10 possibly 11 words? Let me think. Maybe "Anger fuelled political rampage with the use of non-standard English". Yeah, that sounds about right.
We interrupt this Broadcast is available from all good retailers (except the one you're thinking about, but then that's just life).