This article was published in 2012.

To celebrate its 5th birthday, the Yorkshire Music Collective has set up a website which it hopes will become a valuabe resource for the music community.

YMC started in 2007 on MySpace and split its friends list into categories enabling people to find contacts very quickly. This particularly helps artists who are starting out or maybe looking to gig further afield.

YMC are hoping their new website will complement the many good music sites already in existence and become a one-stop site to find music contacts.

They said, "In Yorkshire we have great music scenes and a whole range of services supporting them, our aim is to highlight this and put people in contact quicker."

The site includes the ability to add details about bands, solo artists, promoters, venues, open mic nights, photographers, studios, radio shows, to name but a few.

Have a look at and submit your details to help it grow.